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The truth is the vast majority of people are either exhausted or stressed out.

With the impact of the pandemic and the rising cost of living most people are struggling. 
As human-beings we are under a lot of pressure, we are overloaded, we are always on and we are constantly jumping from one thing to the next.

Mass resignations and a highly competitive job market has led to large numbers quitting their jobs.  As the remaining staff have to pick up the slack and reach burnout this has further exasperated the problem leading to absenteeism and even higher turnover.

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Over 79% of employed UK adults regularly experience work related stress this is a year on year increase of 25%

Source:  Perkbox

Only 45% of UK companies have a well-being strategy in place, and yet of those that do 77% of employees do not participate in programmes.

Source: Gartner

In in the UK stress and anxiety account for an average loss of 22 days per person a total of18m workdays.

Source: Health & Safety Executive

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