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Providing highly
effective customised
well-being programmes to 
SMEs -
Just like you!

This is my fave secret
NW scottish highlands beach 😀

Your full range of coaching & training interventions

Group Discussion
Professor Lecturing on Stage

Group Coaching

Intensive small group work

Larger Talks

Specialist talks on over 50 topics

Interactive Workshops

Discussion and learning exercises

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Interactive video coaching

One-to-one and group basis

Reflective Exercises

Working through new self-awareness

Self-led video resources

Hundreds of coaching videos

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My Story

I have three children

Ozzie 4, Nina 6 and Woody 9 years old, and have been married to Emma for 16 years. Our 4 year
old Ozzie spent much of the first months of his life in intensive care and has a number of ongoing medical conditions
which have led to many challenges to overcome. The family have drawn on this negative experience and adapted and
taken strength and personal growth from it.

I used to be overweight and unhealthy. Ten years ago I lost the
weight and kept it off. I regularly complete in ultra marathons, some of which have been 100 miles / 24 hours non
stop. I have completed over 30 triathlons with a few podium finishes.

“Sometimes,” said the horse. “Sometimes what” asked the boy.

“Sometimes just getting up

and carrying on is

brave and magnificent”

The boy, the mole, the fox, and the horse

Charlie Mackesy

People who spend time writing carefully about themselves become happier, less anxious, less depressed and physically healthier.

Jordan  B Peterson

Just one small positive thought in the morning, can change your whole day

Dalai Lama


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